Welcome to FrenchTRi, your Triathlon Coach.

Passionate about sport since the beginning, we now have the opportunity to work in the field of coaching, especially Triathlon, after studying at the UPFR des sports in Besançon, Dijon, as well as at the CREPS in Aix-en-Provence in parallel. This dual training program (UNIVERSITY/STATE) to become a triathlon trainer allows us today to understand in a scientific, precise and subtle way, the training and the sporting improvement in the linked disciplines.

Wishing to best meet the needs of triathletes, we have decided to also integrate a simple E-shop, but which will allow you to occasionally find specific triathlon equipment in order to optimize your performance.

The Triathlon Blog is also there to provide you with additional resources, take a look, you will find simple tips to progress in triathlon.


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We were committed to creating a qualitative coaching solution that integrates a vision: cross-training allows us to achieve a very high level of endurance while minimizing the risk of injuries, especially in running. We advise natural medicines to treat your specific and basic health problems. Essential oils are one of the effective solutions to fight against these problems that athletes regularly face.


Genesis of FrenchTRi

The clover is a reminder of our attachment to nature and the 3 modes of transport of our discipline.


The merger of "Triathlon" and "French" seemed obvious to us, at a time when France is becoming a pioneer in the world Triathlon landscape, both in terms of sports, with the best Frenchmen and women who stand out on a global scale, and in terms of organizations, with the legendary events of Embrun, Nice or Paris for example.


We have chosen to express this using international language because our ambition is to become an entity that will enable France to shine beyond our borders, that is how we conceive our passion.

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